Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hurricane Molly

It's hard to believe that a year ago today my world was turned upside down. It makes me realize how much have to be thankful for this year.  I am thankful for the bad experience that I had, because it made me stronger, it gave me a backbone. And it proved that no matter what life throws at me, I can not only get through it but surpass expectations with greatness.
Where do I even begin with this story…I guess at the beginning.
Here is a Background:  I worked for a lady named “Molly” doing marketing/ sales.  Molly had a wonderful idea to start a women’s magazine for Central Illinois. I, of course, loved this idea.  Anything to get women more involved, more knowledge and working together as one-I’m all on board. Well, I met up with Holly in September of 2010.  The moment I met this woman she immediately started pulling at my heart strings and offered to make me a “Featured artist” in her magazine.  I was ecstatic.  To be thought of a strong empowered woman who was doing what she love-Great right!?!  Who wouldn’t jump on the opportunity?  A few phone calls later and I was asked to work for the magazine.  Again, so honored.
  Everything was great at first –except I was never getting paid regularly.  But I loved what I did and how many people can say that about their job.  The hours were perfect and I got to spend tons of time with my kids.  Plus with every business I met with, I learned new things.  You wouldn’t believe the amazing women around you.  Just sit and talk to them.  A lot of the women I met with were powerful and respected women or people who catered to women.  Just sitting down with them was an honor in itself.  I was not only gaining connections, but I was making friendships as well. People were so excited about this magazine. The greatest thing ever!
We were writing all kinds of articles, doing design work and photo shoots.  Three of us women were doing all the work - Molly, Carol and I.  We were building this wonderful resource.  We were working our tails off and everyone was fully in… well at least we thought.  WE were doing an article about Disney World Vacations and Molly broke the news to us that we were all (families included) going to Disney World!  Carol & I were giving our kids this for Christmas!  What an awesome Present!  There were going to be so shocked!  Little did we know that we would be the ones in shock?
Over a few months the past few months, there had been a wedge strategically placed between Carol & myself.   There was tension in the office.  Deadlines were being missed.  A magazine was never getting printed because of X, Y and Z excuses.  So many things.  So Carol got fired and it was just Molly and I left to pull off this magazine which was supposed to be out November 1st.   November 23,2010 I had no job,  no money, no Christmas presents for my kids, no Disney world, had to find a new place to live and a new daycare.
Needless to say most of what was said previous to this sentence in this blog is a lie. The Promises that Molly gave us. Molly was a fake.  With Fake names and Fake kids and a Fake life she was living.  She had everyone so blinded with her lies.  The magazine was never going to be printed.  She took all the money.  She never paid me.  Carol never got fired and neither was I(Which I later found out from Carol that I supposedly was fired also, for working at a bar in the middle of the day and not making any sales).  Needless to say this is only some of the lies.  I would be writing for months if I told every detail.  I plan to write a book about it!
  It was a crazy experience and a hell of a storm… 
 But the thing that Molly didn’t take into consideration is that no matter how much of a hurricane she creates while she is around me… I am still the type of person who will still dance in the rain during the storm. 

I am thankful!