Friday, April 8, 2011

The Glamorous Life of a Mom (not for ones with weak stomachs)

This week has been extra glamorous in the mothering world that revolves around my house. Wednesday did not start out as a "normal" day in our house hold and I do use the word normal lightly. I get woke up by the two year old living in my house with unpaid rent at 2:30 in the morning. He claims his belly hurts. As a mom you know that EVERYTHING is hurts. Your kids just happen to see a scratch that they received over a week ago and suddenly they are screaming bloody murder about how bad it is killing them. You do all of your mommy duties by kissing it and putting a band-aid on it (even though this scab is ready to come off on its own) and like that they are all better! Well in this particular case at his particular hour I was not the one who was doing the duty. It was my son! I look at him and he is standing there looking like he just stepped out of a dude ranch. I spent so much time analyzing what he looked like, I then get to be the lucky one to notice that it is now running down his leg. That night/morning we went through 5 or 6 pull-ups and one hurling incident in between the hours of 230 and 6 am. I keep thinking "he is one little guy, where does this keep coming from?"

Teague & I both get ready to try and get some sleep. He curls up next to me in my bed, the whole time I am praying that the mudslide is over. Luckily someone heard my prayers, the mess was over. We get about an hour of shut eye before Tybee has to get ready for school. I open my eyes and look straight to the ceiling. I actually have to get my focus because I see something. I have a Moroccan style bedroom with a canopy over my bed. I open my eyes to see there is an empty water bottle up in my canopy. Seriously? Wonder which one of my beautiful children thought that this was a great idea. I get the trash out of my lovely bedding, because I don't believe there are water bottles in Morocco. We go through the "normal" (again I use this lightly) morning routine.

Now let me ask you this, why is it that we can NEVER find a hair brush in our house. We have 3 brushes and somehow they are never where Tybee left them and it is NEVER her fault. J I bought her a huge hair brush that I thought would not be able to get misplaced. I guess I was wrong, because we can't find it again. She gets dressed (that is a whole other story) and in the mean time I am making breakfast. As I start cooking, Monkey comes in. "My belly hurts", Oh crap I think to myself and I did mean literally. I frantically check his pull-up. Totally fine. He went and lay down on the couch while Tybee finished getting ready. As she comes down the stairs, I notice that her hair has been brushed. "Oh you found your hair brush?" I ask. She sheepishly says "Yes", not giving out any more information that I ask her for. I ask the loaded question. "That's great, where did you find it?" She is now looking at the floor and mumbles something under her breath. Right then I knew I had won the hair brush battle that day. I ask again "What? Where did you find it?" "In my sock drawer" she says very in a very loud and frustrated voice, must have been because I made her repeat herself. I totally giggle to myself. I'll tell you what that the best payback in the world is being right when your kid things you are crazy. I now understand the saying "Mother knows best" saying. Mother doesn't ALWAYS know best but that doesn't stop her from liking to relive and gloat about the times she does!

Tybee goes off to school and it is just Teague and I. We went movies and veg out on the couch together. I then have a knock on the door. My friend decided to stop by. With all due respect, I appreciate the gesture of people stopping by to see if you "need" anything while your little one is sick, Thank you for that. What I do not appreciate is it being unexpected where I have no make-up on, have not showered in 2 days, and running on fumes from the lack of sleep. I am lounging with Monkey in yoga pants and a superhero T shirt (thought it would cheer him up). Hair looks like hurricane Katrina attacked it & I am sure that even on my worst days, I looked better than this day! My house has an aftermath aroma of the previous mudslide and I am pretending that everything is great and that we are doing just fine.
Like I said thank you for the gesture but a text message or even a phone call would have been enough! :)
Of course half way through the day, Monkey felt fine; you would have never known he was sick. I am regretting saying home from work if he felt this good AND then IT happened….. Monkey found the Scratch; you know the one where he is suffering and going to bleed to death? Yep that one!

Sure is glamorous being a mom J

***On a side note*** Think I found Tybee a hair brush, wonder if it comes in Pink :)  hehe