Friday, October 28, 2011

Building Character... Our experience at Legoland!

Teague and I had a first outing in Chicago last weekend.  We went to the ever amazing Legoland.  If you haven’t been it is defiantly a fun place to go if you are looking for something new. I had to think of something that Miss Tybee would not feel left out on since she was heading to her Mimi's that weekend.  I told Tybee and Teague together that I was taking Teague to Legoland.  Tybee of course says “What! No fair!”  I tell her “Tybee you are going with your Mimi and Lego land is more of a boy thing.”  Her reaction, “No it’s not! Eden at school had her birthday party there.”   I couldn’t argue with that.  I said “Well I could take him to the American Girl doll store.”  She agreed then that Lego Land was fine.
On the way there I realized I didn’t charge up my phone and I was using the GPS on it, so I was sure it was going to be dead.  I, of course, was equipped with my charger just in case I found an outlet not being used. I needed it to find my way back.  J
We went a couple weekends before Halloween, so they had you counting the number of pumpkins as you went through each area. There were so many pumpkins and so many kids!  I can’t even begin to tell you how many kids were having parties there (Obviously, Tybee knew her stuff) Most of them were dressed up in their Halloween gear, which was fun to see.
 Teague and I walk start through the Lego Jungle where there were giant Tigers, a hippo in water and  hanging monkeys, to name a few.  The lighting goes off and Teague begins to get a tiny bit scared.  We are moving at a little faster pace now.  We go through a black light hallway, when all of a sudden I hear a gasp.  Then “O my gosh…”  I look  in the direction Teague was facing and it is a life size Lego Batman.  Of course my son is ecstatic.  He goes to stand next to him … and poses exactly like him. - so cute.
We then stop to make a Lego Frankenstein guy that we got to take home. Then there was a cafe area and that is where the play land is, similar to McDonald's.  I really thought they could have made that a little cooler (like a Castle built out of Legos that you could go through… If you are listening Lego land employees—I will draw this up for you & I do accept more than pennies for my thoughts ;) ) 
 Teague takes off his shoes, puts them in the cubbie, and takes off into the maze of Chaos.  I find a seat where I can see almost every part of the play land to make sure he was okay.  There were some bigger kids in there that day and no matter what he says – My little Batman couldn’t take them on.   Conveniently enough, I pick a seat next to an outlet.  Phone is charging, Teague is playing & I am relaxing.  He plays and plays. Kids are running all around with no shoes on, just having the time of their little lives. 
Teague finally has had enough of all the climbing and is ready to build some more.  There was an area you could build your own race cars and race them down tons of ramps.  We build and build cars, perfecting the next one. I then remember Teague didn’t have shoes on.  We put our cars down for a second and walk over to the shoe cubbies.   Our shoes are gone.  I look at Teague’s sock covered tootsies… nope not there.  I look through all the shoes just laying all about.  Nope not there.  I just bought these shoes for photos about 2 weeks ago and now they were gone.  Who would take someone else’s shoes!    I get the attention of one of the Lego Guys (a real one not the plastic Lego guy). I tell him the story and where the shoes were located, thoroughly going through the crime scene.  His response “Well is it possible that someone took them.” Are you kidding me?  Yes it IS possible since that is exactly what happened. In my head I am thinking, "Well if the shoe fits!!"" I said politely, “Yes I think so.”   Then he turns to the lady next to him and just starts helping her. I was furious.  I then call Christopher in a total panic.  I am sure the thought I was a nut case.  We had more things to do this weekend and this is the only pair of shoes I brought.     ***Note to self: Pack Extra Shoes       
   We leave Legoland to go around to the surrounding shops to find a new pair of shoes.  No place has kid’s shoes in walking distance.  Finally, one lady tells me there is a Target down the street and I KNOW they have shoes there! In the mean time Christopher also sends me the location of a Payless that is close (he is awesome).  I am already at target so I went to purchase the exact same shoes.  They were cheaper this time though and the whole time we are in there Teague keeps saying “isn’t it weird someone took my shoes” or “remember when someone took my shoes”.  J I couldn't help but laugh.
We head back to Legoland and they give us a hard time about coming back.  I explain to them what happened and by this time I am furious since the Lego Loser with the exceptional customer service skills ignored me earlier.  They “fixed” the situation, we finished the lower level of the land and then we shopped. Completed the trip by assembling Lego people that look like us.  All in all, besides the shoe fiasco, it was a fun day. 
Then Monday or Tuesday (I don’t remember they all run together) I read that an 8ft Lego guy (a plastic one this time) washed up on some coast.  It makes me wonder if he is the one who stole the shoes.   It would make sense. Coincidence?  I think not! ;)